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over same-sex marriage in california is now headed to the highest court. the u.s. supreme court said it will take up the issue deciding the legality of california's ban on same-sex marriage. it was approved in 2008 but lower courts ruled it was unconstitutional. we have team coverage. ktvu's eric rasmussen on how the supreme court is at a historic cross roads. but we begin in san francisco, today's decision leaves many people with mixed decisions. >> reporter: i talked with dozen of people tonight and there was a huge range of emotions, excitement, concern and also some confusion. >> reporter: holiday lights lights and friday night crowds but ask people on the street and many are away that today's decision could change lives and history. >> great idea. we need decide. so this is a great idea. >> matter of basic rights. >> reporter: today's decision means that same-sex couples in couple must put marriage plans on hold again. they plan to marry next fall in new york. >> we would have been exchanging vows and celebrating our love and commitment next week but with this decision it is bit
wayne in for gasia mikaelian this is bay area news at 7:00. today, california voter approved ban on same sex marriage in what could result in a landmark civil rights ruling. the justices will exam the u.s. appeals decision in february that found proposition 8 unconstitutional. today, san francisco's city attorney says a shift in public opinion about same sex marriage since proáp prop 8 passed a few years ago. >> i could think of no other case to take up if it is going to take up a case, is this case. coming at a particularly optune time. >> reporter: the supreme court agreed to look at a new york case that found the federal defense marriage act denies legally married same sex couples the benefits. our coverage continues with patty lee live in san francisco with reaction from two key players and one couple that remains in limbo, patty? >> reporter: today's announcement caught a lot of people from off guard, same sex couples hoping to wed to pioneers briefly legalized it in the city. >> reporter: tom picked out items for his wedding to his lifelong partner but they have not set a date
. >> the connecticut shootings are focus on mental health. california is working to expand mental health services on college campuses and fund more suicide prevention hot lines. california democrats are also asking the obama administration to match state's dollar for dollar on mental health service spending. >> and other bay area mayors are signed a national letter calling on the president to enact strong er gun control law. the letter asks the president to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. they also want to eliminate loopholes and create a national background check. you can go to ktvu.com for more coverage. we have a tab at the top of the home page which includes a story about how first responders are coping. >>> a deadly shooting outside of a hayward apartment complex. police say they received 911 calls for people who live at the complex on sleepy hollow at about 10:30 a.m. roosevelt foster was shot. police say the gunman got away. south state element t ri and martin luther king junior middle school went on lock down for about two hours z as a precaution. >> an east bay grandmoth
through the weekend. right now, storm tracker 2, here is the wider perspective in northern california. snow showers, significant snow in fact heading out towards the sierra. right now as you can see, we take a closer look, scattered rain showers towards the mount ans, and around the hills, lingering rain. we will shift to the maps up and out towards discovery bay. brentwood, organized rain through the oakly area and the north bay scattered showers right now. things are changing as we head into early saturday morning. coming up, the timing of two more strong storms impacting the weekend and how much rain to expect for your neighborhood. >> now, the wet weather has people seeking a place to be dry. workers at the regional reception center in san jose say they have 250 beds but when the weather gets rough they open up space for 100 more people. >> it is wonderful it is here. a good facility. a warm safe place to get in out of the rain. >> the highway patrol warped about the dangers of slick roads especially for drivers in the santa cruz mountains. on the shoreline the storm surge drew on
is recommending a ban on all outdoor marijuana growing even though california law allows it. >> for consideration on december 11th. >> reporter: she is handing owe green fliers to neighbors taking on green of another kind grown anyway backyard behind her house. >> it smells like a skunk and i mean literally a skunk. first we thought we were being invaded with skunks and then we realized that somebody was cultivate marijuana. >> reporter: we first reported on complaints of this medical marijuana grow in october and the city confirm it was a legal medical marijuana collective, but next week they will recommend a citywide ban. >> we keep wasting time, money and resources on nothing. >> reporter: the owner of the home with the backyard grow says he is doing nothing wrong. he doesn't want to be identified for his own safety, but disputes the claim that his roughly 30 marijuana plants would attract crime. >> we grow it and distribute it and that is it there. is no traffic in and out. there is no, random high schoolers coming. >> this is something that we need to put a stop to, because otherwise, it
california, today it looks like pg & e is running the puc. >> reporter: what does that mean in dollars and cents for you, the average bill will go up 88-cents a month next year. followed by 1.36 a month the year after that. >> what our commission sought out to do was to simply meet new standard put forward by the cpuc that's why we had requested the rate payer financing. >> reporter: rural mains are next and that's going to cost a lot more. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, channel 2 news. >>> 12 california hospitals were fined today by the state's department of public health for failures that caused or were likely to cause serious injury or even death to patients. in the bay area kaiser oakland was fined $100,000 for not following instructions on a medical device. kaiser san rafael was fined $50,000 for improper surgical procedures with a patient. and ucsf was fined $75,000 for not following safe distribution of medication. >>> there's speculation that the world may be coming to an end at midnight. we'll show you how some people are spending what may be their final hours. >>> and live st
been diverted to. >> reporter: normally it could with stopped in southern california, but there is no one on the job to unload the cargo. on a rainy saturday night, cranes and dock workers were in motion at the port of oakland, unloading the latest ship to arrive. in southern california, a storm of a different kind has brought business to a standstill at the port of los angeles and long beach. the two busiest ports in the state. longshoremen walked off the job to support about00 clerical workers who have been on strike since tuesday. >> all of our containers are on the ocean and off of the coast of california and monday we'll find out if they have been diverted. >> others have been diverted. so far nine cargo ships have headed to other ports including oakland. >> there may be a few ships that come through oakland, but those are ones that normally make the call here. >> reporter: longshoremen are downplaying the impact on the port of oakland and say they will stay on-the-job while their counterparts in southern california continue. now they have a tentative agreemen
of the california legislature took the oath of office. democrats now have a 2/3 majority. what the new supermajority means for the state. >> reporter: with that, the democrats supermajority was set. essentially one party rule in the senate and assembly. >> i really believe that this is the end of one very difficult era in california and the beginning of a new and better era. >> reporter: democrats celebrated. republicans still have a voice, but no power. >> as a minority party, some may call us the super minority part, we're pretty much on the sidelines. >> reporter: republicans say they will serve as watchdogs on the democrats new 2/3 majority. democrats can raise taxes and more without republican votes. >> this historic supermajority. we intend to use it purposely, with purpose, with humility, and with great strength. >> reporter: democrats have not outlined an agenda, but senator mark leno is asking for a big change to proposition 13 to make it easier for voters to raise their own property taxes. >> it allows voters in their areas to be able to reinvest in a very underfunded educational system. >
employee the ticket was from arizona. the winner has 180 days to claim his prize. >> california ban on gay conversion therapy is heard in court. the lawsuit takes effect january 1st. prohibits the use of techniques to change the sexualorien take of gay minors. this morning in sacramento lawyers for counselors and parents who support gay therapy asked a judge to block the measure. they say it violates speech and religious. >>> advocates and opponents of same sex marriage in california will have to wait until monday to see if the supreme court will take up this issue. rob roth reports on the steps they are taking in san fran if california's ban is overturned. >> reporter: here at city haul this couple got married. this couple wanted to get married. they were hoping to find out if same sex marriage is legal in california. but, after closed doors the justices took no action on proposition 8 or any of the cases involving same sex marriage. >> we are in the same waiting pattern we have been in for several years now. >> reporter: the couple could learn more monday. that is when the high court w
california to set aside and hold unlawful secretary salazar's november decision. the lawsuit also requests the park service grant them a ten-year special use permit. >> we have eight or ten million oysters out there at different stages of dwropment. if we have to shut our doors in 90 days, all that food has to be destroyed. >> the drakes bay oyster company produces about 40% of the total production in california of oysters and so the outcome of this lawsuit could very well impact the price californians pay at the restaurant table or the market. reporting live from drakes beach. ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jana. >>> once again protesters took off their clothes today as san francisco supervisors gave final approval on a ban on public nudity. as we've been reporting the ordnance stems from complaints about knew diss in the city's castro district. violation of their free speech rights and say they will fight it. >> this is amazing. we are really leading a world battle against oppression. >> i gave this about two years to run its course and rather than running its course, it got more ext
. >>> california's population appears to be holding steady between july of 2011 to july of here. it brings california's population to 37.8 million people. san mateo county was one of five to postthe largest growth. >>> good night to watch the meteor shower. most of it will get going around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. the skies are mostly clear out there and it's going to be a new moon. bundle up if you're going to be going outside. it is going to be cold out there. a frost advisory already in effect for parts of the east bay. that doesn't mean you're hot going to have frost in the north bay or south pay. you'll be scraping some ice then we have a chance for some sprinkles. back here, we have that computer model and it roll spwaos the bay area weekends with a chance -- rolls into the bay area weekends with showers. >>> speaking of meteors, the spectacular show over the bay area and just how long it'll last. >> they had a want for an illegal meth lab. i don't know how to make meth, why would i. >> reporter: up first new >>> we have new information tonight about the moments leading up to tue
of the california legislation were sworn in today. it is now controlled by democrats of the so called super majority. >> reporter: and with that the democrat super majority was set. essentially one party rule and assembly. >> i really believe that that is the end of one very difficult era in california and the beginning of a new and better era. >> democrats celebrated. republicans still have a voice but no power. >> i am a minority party. >> republicans say they will serve as watchdogs of the democrats new two thirds ma -- majority. >> this historic super ma scoretism we intend to use it with -- majority. we intend to use it with purpose and with humility and with great strength. >> democrats have not outlined an agenda, but the senator is proposing a bold change to make proposition 13 easier for voters to raise their own property taxes. >> it allows voters in their local area to be able to reinvest? a very underfunded educational system. >> governor brown has indicated that he will be a check on legislative democrats when it comes to raising taxes. and the super majority could be short lived with
to have that talk. >> reporter: well this is 101 california, the high rise where almost 20 years ago a crazed gunman killed eight and wounded six. then as now there are calls for change. >> i don't think today is that day. >> reporter: when is the day to talk gun reform? mark kelly, married to congresswoman giffords said the discussion can no longer wait. and feinstein is calling on congress to debate america's gun culture. declaring weapons of war don't belong on our streets or in our theaters, shopping malls and schools. >> it was very similar to the day that i was shot. >> reporter: activist mindy fikelstein was surrounded by children when a man opened fire. >> the problem is too many guns. people who shouldn't get their hands on gun have the ability to do so. >> reporter: the pistols used today a glock and a sig. and connecticut like california has strict rules. >> the united states, 8,400 deaths a year due to gun violence. we have got to do something about it. and congress has got to get a backbone. >> these children were murdered, brutally murdered in the place where they felt
financial service it's looking to sell the chain. all 200 stores in california, nevada, and arizona could simply shut down. >> it would be disappointing. >> disappointing because it has the highest of -- fresh and easy is about the only large grocery store that sells fresh fruits and vegetables. >> the food in the neighborhood is not healthy food. a lot of processed a packaged food. >> the prices are good. >> the ground breaking was a major city event. >> we start something that's supposed to help our community and then it leaves. >> if it does close, community leaders will try to attract another quality food store. easier said than done. >>> oakland center for environment help suing. the center says it tested baby mats, changing pads for high level of cancer causing flame retardants. california law requires to attach warning --. >>> duchess of cambridge left the hospital. stopped for photos with prince william. catherine will be spending time at home. said to be less than 12 weeks along. prince charles is thrilled to become a grandfather. >>> the extra miles people went to have their cra
>>> the threat that closed two schools today and the response from authorities. and california tides sitting at highest levels of the year. in some cases, going over the top. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7. >>> good evening. it's thursday, december 13th. this is bay area news at 7. a raging fire destroyed a plant today sending black smoke into the skies that could be seen for miles around. it's a top story. amber lee is in the location. and fire crews are still on the scene. >> that's right. we're right in front of cnh enterprises. firefighters are just now wrapping up after cleaning the area. heavy smoke and flames billowed from the building. shortly after the firefighters arrived, the roof collapsed. flammable oils and --. >> you want to stay out of it. >> the fire broke out in the machine shop. all employees were able to get out unharmed. >> it happened so fast. it was, like, incredible. >> the building will have to be torn down and the cause is under investigation. this is around the clock operation. the director of the oper
's california driver's license was found among the wreckage. mexican officials say depending on investigators it could take ten days to have the preliminary investigation. you may not have heard of rivera, but she was very popular in the latino community. >> reporter: jenni rivera was in the brink of cross over stardom. and fans tell us that they're sure that she would have won over fans. listeners have been calling in all day mourning the loss of jenni rivera. >> i saw her like a month ago. i have a picture with her. >> reporter: the d.j. says rivera's rise to fame from humble beginnings selling music at swat meets and her ability to talk about personal problems allows her to win over female fans. >> rivera was flown for her banda style music, a regional band sound dominated by men. her struggles as a divorced mother of five and grandmother of two endeared her to fans. >> she could have been your girlfriend, someone you could just talk to and she went through domestic violence and just all these things in her life and that's why women really related to her and really liked her because she wa
's a bigger one behind it. >>> california highway patrol responded to accidents all day long. in oakley witnesses say a child was thrown from a vehicle in a crash on highway 4. a jeep cherokee spun out of control on the westbound lanes near laurel road just before 1:00 p.m. at least two people were taken to the hospital, there's no word on their condition tonight. >>> scary moments this morning for two people traveling in a toyota camera on 580 near dublin canyon road. the driver was going too fast for the weather conditions and lost control of the car. it struck a guardrail, plunged down an enbankment and caught fire. the two people inside were not hurt. >>> the roads were slick when a pg & e worker crashed in sacramento. tommy flipo lost control of his sleek and flipped right into a light pole. the road was closed for several hours due to concerns that the pole could topple over. >>> the bay area has been plagued by power outages all day as a result of the weather and here are the latest numbers we have from pg & e. the north bay has the most outages, the south bay and peninsula have
california after four people were found dead outside of a home p in a quiet -- home in a quiet neighborhood. >>> tomorrow could be decision day on proposition 8. how it >>> a viewer sent us this video. take a look t. this is what it looked like the creek was -- take a look at this. this is what it looked like as the creek was rising. we went to the scene of a crash and explains how three firefighters were injured. >> reporter: it was not supposed to happen it this way, but shortly after firefighters arrived on it this accident scene for help they ended up needs help themselves. >> of the four transported three are our employeeees. >> reporter: this after multiaccidents on the same spot. >> reporter: the first, a vendor bender, the second, a car hitting the fire truck and the third. >> the third one was a chevy taho that lost control and -- tahoe that lost control and hit the fire truck and flipped and hit three civilians. three firefighters were rushed to the hospital in serious but stable condition. two of them will require surgery. the other victim, who has not been identified, is in c
suit against delta airlines saying the company's mobile app violates california privacy law. the flight delta app collecting personal information. the suit aims to stop delta from distributing the app until it posts such a policy. the lawsuit is also seeking $2,500 per violation. a delta spokesperson said he can't comment on pending litigation. >>> tonight at 10:30, trouble at a horizon. the long simmering labor pursuit that might come to a head as travel ramps up. >>> apple's ceo tim cook said in a broadcast interview today the company will produce an existing line of mac computers in the united states starting next year. he didn't say which one or where the assembly plant would be located. apple has faced a lot of criticism over working conditions at some of its chinese facilities. >>> attorneys for apple and samsung are duking it out again. today samsung asked a judge in san jose to throw out or revise a billion dollar judgment. while apple argued that the punishment did not go far enough. >>> after the worse drop in four years, apple shares were up more than $8 today. shares closed
ability to lead california. good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. jerry brown has been diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer, and is now undergoing treatment at ucsf. learned about the cancer diagnosis and what the governor faces. >> reporter: earlier this evening, a hospital source told me that the governor received treatment here on the fourth floor at the university of california, san francisco. uscf is one of the preprostrate cancer treatment centers in america. the governor released a statement today saying fortunately, this is early stage, localized prostate cancer. the key is early diagnosis. >> if men who need treatment aren't detected early, they're less likely, far less likely to be cured. >> reporter: a prostate cancer surviver himself, dr. shoeman says patients have options, ranging from monitoring the tumor's growth, to radiation treatment like the governor, to removing the prostate. patients need to work closely with their oncologist. >> they're best equipped to make the recommendations on what to do. and whether or not they should get treatment. >>
hernandez is live at california and larkin with late details. jade? >> ken, police say a man who's threatening he has a weapon is refusing to come outside his apartment. traffic is being diverted from california to larkin and the streets between larkin and hyde are closed. no pedestrian traffic is being allowed through at this hour. 30 minutes ago, san francisco police spokesman told us a hostage negotiator is out here. the department has a s.w.a.t. team and their technical command post set up. police cannot confirm whether or not this man has a person inside the apartment with him. but let's take a look at the video we captured earlier when we arrived, which was shortly after police arrived here in the 1400 block of california. officer carlos tells us dispatchers received a call about 6:30 this evening from a man who told them he had overheard a domestic dispute next door. when the neighbor tried to find out what was wrong, the man threatened him, saying he had a weapon. when officers arrived, they called for backup. that's when tactical units arrived and the department set up a
the question becomes, how far can they get. >> reporter: i'm confident that california schools are safe. >> reporter: california's superintendent expects new discussions about metal detectors at schools and camera systems, fences and guards. he has alerted all 1,100 school districts to review their plans. >> we can't live in fear and have every school be a closed fortress of some kind. it's a place of learning. >>> schools around the country are trying to reassure anxious parents and in some places putting extra security in place for tomorrow. >> monday is going to be the safest day. >> this mom ice skating today with her 6-year-old daughter points out sandy hook school had a locked front door. visitors had to be buzzed in but the gunman blew himself in. >> it's not going to stop somebody, if that's their intention they think about it and then they do it. >> you still have to be free to roam and their children but i think adults have to be more aware. >> reporter: state legislators say schools like any civic building or public area are vulnerable because they are accessible. >> schools
forms were not happening fast enough. >>> california law make verse been forced to hand over the dose their cars. but now a new report says some legislatures used taxpayer dollars to repair those cars soon before they bought them as their own personal vehicle. >> lawmakers given deadline of december of last year to turn in their state owned vehicles. but some lakers made thousands dollars of repairs to cars they would soon own again. they say dutton spent almost $6000 to repair including a dent in the bumper. fixing the power steering and detailing the car. all in the months before the state sold his suv which he bought back. in attempts to reach the senator but he's quoted as saying the car need work. senator dutton is not alone. others spent thousands to fix their cars. one had a repair bail of nearly $2300 for inutile tire and oil change and weeks before he two point. and another of compton ranged up $2600 before the state sold his car and then he bought it back. >> critics said california was long over due ending this program. the. >> translator: only state in the country had this
in california, anyone who wants to buy a gun legally must go,a rigorous process. they must have a state-issued id and second proof of residency. undergo a background check and once that is clear wait 10 days before picking up their gun. >> most customers, when they go through this process are okay with it. occasional someone will get mad. if i can't take it i will not buy it. okay, good-bye. >> reporter: they have to pass a written gun safety test and watch and perform a safe handling demonstration before an instructor. police are having gun buy back programs 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. they will offer up to $200 for people who turn in up to three weapons. gun sellers will need to prove they are city residents with a driver's license, utility bill or other proof. stay with ktvu channel 2 for continuing coverage of the still-unfolding tragedy on the 10 clock news tonight. you can find updates any time by going to our web site. ktvu.com. >> turning now to a bomb threat. shutting down part of the great mall. kohl's and 20 other stores are evacuated because of the graffiti on a bathroom wal
going what were they thinking. >>> some hikers take to the hills in california? >> things take a bad turn when they realize they are lost. >> would you agree that we are technically lost? >> yes. >> so i guess we're lost. >> hear about the stroke of luck that saved the day. >> it's down to the wire in a high school game. >> boom, that is an 80 foot cannon. >> see the amazing finish as time runs out. >>> plus some guys re-enact the burglar scenes from "home alone." one honesthick reveal10 hy havi you can detract the attention from your face. >> oh, yeah. >>> two women are suing two texas state troopers and the head of their department in federal court. this video is why. 38-year-old angel and her niece, 24-year-old ashley dobbs were pulled over for littering. so the women are apologetic. they say, okay, we're still going to have to give you a citation. the citation turned into a warning. trooper david ferrell started suspecting maybe some marijuana use had been going on. that's when trooper david ferrell called for female trooper kelly. kelly takes angel and her niece one by one and p
] >> this is a story you may have heard about by now. a shooting in newport beach, california, at the fashion island mall. you're hearing a man in the parking lot firing off what was learned to be 50 rounds into the air. >> and what's so crazy, is the guy who is shooting this video had his wife and daughter inside the mall as he's hearing these shots. he writes in his youtube description in the look at the very center of the screen, right beneath the little red triangle to the left of these palm trees, you can see the shooter. that guy right there. looks like that's the shooter in the parking lot. after all this, 42-year-old marcus gurrolla was taken into custody. police say he reloaded several times. they were able to apprehend this guy without any fight. >> firing 50 rounds up in the air could have come down and hurt somebody during the holiday season where the mall is packed. >> sure. everybody was on edge, obviously, after what happened at sandy hook. only one person was injured, minor injuries from this. the police chief believes the motive for this, the guy was unhappy with his life. this was
you can expect tomorrow that will impact your morning commute. >> california lawmakers buying state cars. the new report that reveals how that move actually >>> a new report shows at least a dozen california lawmakers repaired, or upgraded their state vehicles at taxpayer expense just before pieing them as their personal vehicles. >> reporter: lawmakers were given a deadline to turn in their state vehicles. according to the associated press, some lawmakers made thousands of dollars in repairs to cars they would soon own again. bob dutten spent almost $6,000 of taxpayer money to repair his chevy tahoe. all in the months before the state sold his suv, which dutten bought back. attempts to reach former senator dutten failed, but he's quoted as saying the car needed work as it approached $100,000. >> reporter: he is not alone, others also spent thousands of dollars to fix their cars. senator artesia had a bill for nearly $2,400 in the weeks approximate before he bought it. assemblyman hall of compton racked up more than $2,400 before the state sold his car, and then he bought it back. c
outside more than 20 keyser hospitals in northern california today trying to call attention to what they claim are inadequate staffing levels. the california nurse's association oed today's informational picket. the nurses say short staffing is a chronic problem in quizzer emergency rooms. a spokeswoman says staffing complies with and often exceeds state mandated requirements. we do have some imbalances in where we have perhaps too many nurses in one place and one unit and have needs for nurses in other units. >> it is hoping to work with the union to create a better balance of staff. >> time magazine has named president barack obama the 2012 person of the year. the editor of time cited what he called the obama effect. the president beat out 15-year- old pakistani activist, am ceo and egyptian president. president obama also received the title in 2008 when he was president-elect. >>> shopper track which analyzes customer traffic is cut its holiday sales forecast. this as shopping slows following the thanksgiving weekend buying frenzy. the company lowered its expectations from 3.3% t
: the california highway patrol reports drunk driving has already caused 15 fatal crashes on california roadways during this first part of the long holiday weekend. that's compared to just three deaths during the same period a year ago. >> when you mix alcohol and you mix the rain, you have a bad recipe there and it's usually a recipe for disaster. >> reporter: in the first two days of a maximum enforcement period in the bay area the chp says there have been three fatal crashes and 111 dui arrests. >> we've seen a lot of people being involved in collisions because they might have a little alcohol on board and be driving way above the speed limit. >> reporter: we saw that ourselves driving on 880 this afternoon. each chp officer in the bay -- office in the bay area are sending out special teams to look for dui drivers. >> as many as fremont can get out i appreciate it. i'm sorry they can't be with their family but believe me, as a citizen of fremont i greatly appreciate it. >> reporter: despite this recent spike in arrests, the numbers have been steadily declining over the last several years. in
space. >> more crazy drivers on the road. yeah. >> reporter: the california highway patrol is urging motorists to slow down and not to talk or text with their cell phones while driving. reporting live, amber le, ktvu channel 2 news. >> flooding closed high wy1 today -- highway 1 today. it reached the wheel wells of a truck. there it is there. it was stranded in the middle of the water. we checked on that road and it is back open tonight. >> a close call for a woman who was just about to get into her car. a tree came trashing down on top of a car port. the tree missed the woman. she was not hurt. >> in richmond, the street reopened after crews were fixing a six hole. rain from 2010 caused it to collapse. crews will continue to work in the area for several more months. >>> another road that was forced to shut down because of a sink hole is back open again. mountain view drive has been closed since december 2. it reopened at noon today after crews worked for 9 straight days. >>> we have been putting live storm tracker 2 to work. light to moderate cells across the area. show you rain sho
everything in california are about to go up. coming up at 10:30, what's behind the price increases and when you'll have to stay parting more. >>> tonight doctors in new york are treating secretary of state hillary clinton for a blood clot. her spokesman said hillary clinton's doctors discovered the clot during a follow up exam. mrs.clinton was immediately admitted into a new york hospital where doctors will monitor her for at least one week. >>> we'll be wrapping up a very dry weekend. here's the latest on live storm tracker. we have a rain free forecast for tonight and into your monday as we end the 2012. here's a closer inspection of some of the warmer temperatures for the 10:00 hour and beginning to cool off into the bay. santa rosa checking in, 36- degree. nevato 37. overnight temperatures will be dropping down into the upper 20s to lower 30s. here's a look at some of the forecasted lows. you can see the upper 20s toward sonoma and petaluma. overnight lows dropping back down around 27 to 32 degrees. coming up we'll take a closer look at some of the lows in your neighborhood. i'll also l
the financial cliff for 1.2 million americans 400,000 here in california may be a financial guillotine, tom vacar, ktvu news. >>> as tom mentioned 1.2 million americans would lose their long term unemployment benefits a deal could not be reached. a big portion of that population lives in california where 400,000 people would be affected. in the bay area we found there are more than 22,000 people in alameda and contra costa county that would lose their benefits. >>> the comptrollers office advice that employers use 2010 rates. social security would take an extra 2%. if the cliff is avoided, workers will be reimbursed. >>> a new alert system for missing seniors is set to take effect in california january 1st. it's called the silver alert program. the system is similar to the amber alert program for missing children. but it's intended for seniors who suffer from dementia. they will issue emergency reports to median and laboring law enforcement agencies. >>> friends in the bay area are remembering a key figure in the environment movement who died suddenly. amber lee is live in san francisco wit
to be. >> why california is going to take an extra hit if we go over the fiscal cliff. >>> new at 10:00, a man was critically wounded at a shooting in an east b.a.r.t. station. it happened this afternoon at the bay point station. service was interrupted for some time while police searched if station but they did not turn up a suspect. the victim only described as a male was taken to the hospital with what is being called serious injuries. >>> 1,170 people were arrested for dui statewide compared to 1,080 in 1990. in the bay area 165 people have been arrested for dui and there have been three fatal collisions. last year there were 188 arrests and no fatalities. >>> happening now, matt keller is live in fremont where a dui checkpoint is currently on the way. >> this checkpoint has been going on here on fremont boulevard for about an hour. officers are speaking to each driver and handing them a pamphlet. they say there's been nine dui arrests. they rarely make a drunk driving arrests at their dui checkpoints but they write a lot of tickets. we watched as the officer stopped a car with s
of northern california show sheriff greg ahon received bids for the drone back in august with the stated purpose of intelligence gathering and surveillance. >> we have nothing yet on paper that will bind the sheriff impose written and personal safeguards and mechanisming to prevent public abuses. >> to think we would go an use an unmanned aerial system for civilian surveillance is inaccurate. >> reporter: ahern says the surveillance would be used primarily for search and rescue. a vote is now expected early next year. >>> president obama appears to be winning support for his plan to raise taxes on the wealthy to help deal with the so called fiscal cliff. ktvu's rita williams reports on the court of public opinion and why it may not be enough. >> reporter: what do you think? will the president in congress send the country plunging over the fiscal cliff. >> i don't think they'll reach it. i don't know what they will do then. >> i am hoping and praying they do. come together. >> i am hoping it will be by the end of the year. >> do you think they will reach an agreement or not? >> i don't. >
in hercules, california where we took into custody five individuals. >> reporter: police arrested 31- year-old maelene lintz and montrail brackens on murder charges. and tiler miller and heather leach and maryann manalastas are charged with accessory to murder. >> it was established there was a relationship between the victims and suspects in this case. >> reporter: police aren't saying where the victims were beaten and shot or why they were left in this quiet neighborhood. >> motive is unknown it's part of the investigation process to try to determine what exactly happened with the motive. >> reporter: we asked to speak to the suspects being held in jail but all of them declined an interview today. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the australian radio station involved in the royal prank could be facing charges. the host called the hospital inquiring about kate middleton's morning sickness. >>> still ahead here, free flu shots for children. no strings attached. >>> christmas came early here at at&t park for some children and for at least one [ laughter ] [ girl
says everything should be on the table. senator dianne feinstein of california says she will introduce legislation to ban the sale of new assault weapons. state senator leeland ye says he will reintroduce a bill. >> unfortunately, gun manufacturers found a loophole in that particular law by creating, and modifying these assault weapons with a bullet button. >> another piece of leming slags being considered in sacramento deals with how schools prepare for information, such as a gunman on the loose. >>> in los gatos, a new store is opening, and among the things it will be selling are guns. what happened in tonight's council meeting? >> reporter: templar sports is expected to open at the end of the month. university avenue has an electric mix of businesses. templar sports service includes the sale of firearms. >> these represent an unnecessary threat to this community. particularly children. >> i do believe that the owners, and operators of templar sports will conduct their business professionally, with integrity, and concern for the residents of los gatos. >> the issue wasn't on the agen
but is recovering. >> investigators followed up on leads that led them to a house in hercules, california where we took into custody five individuals. >> police arrested 32-year-old maelene lints of san francisco and 21-year-old monotrel blackens of oakland on murder charges. 19-year-old tyler miller, 24-year-old heather leach and 22-year-old man na las kis of oakland are charged with accessories to murder. >> it was established there was an extensive relationship between the victims and suspects in this case. >> police aren't saying where the vims were beaten and shot or why they were left in this quiet neighborhood. >> the motive is unknown. it ice part of the investigation process to try to determine what exactly happened with the motive. >> we asked to speak with the suspects being held in jail but all declined interviews. the district attorney's office tells us it's reviewing the police case and has 48 hours to decide whether to file charges. >>> and now to developing news out of san jose where police flvthing the shooting death of a teenager. it happened about 3:20 this afternoon on fair hav
traffic just after 4:00 this afternoon. the california highway patrol says multiple vehicles were involved in the accident. it happened on 84 near interstate 680. news chopper 2 video shows the long backup. there are reports of injuries but how many remains unclear. the highway reopened shortly after 5:00. >>> an avalanche killed a snow border at donner ski ranch today. search teams recovered the body of a 50-year-old man but they have not released a name. the resort's operations director says the avenue lafrmg occurred in bounds and was set off at about 9:30 this morning. nearly five hours later the man was found buryed in more than two feet of snow. the victim's friends say they reported him missing but it took ski patrol several hours to conduct a full search. >>> and we had a lot of rain scombred there's more rain coming. take a look at the rain fall over the last three weather systems. santa rose sa coming up on over 4 inches of rain. san francisco up to almost 2 inches and san jose coming up on an inch and a half. that's over the last three day sos what does that do for percents of a
laundered money through the american financial system. >>> fans held a tear filled in southern california for a star. rivera was killed when a plane went down in mexico. >>> our consumer editor reports a 6-1/2 million dollars upgrade is set to begin at 10:00 tonight. >> reporter: for commuters, the toll plazas is an all too familiar site that they often get a good morning look at. >> the exterior is going to be remaced with prepainted cast aluminum panels. they'll be in a white color to match the tell administration building that you see behind me. that in turn is designed to comp meant the white color the new east span of the bay bridge so that there's a consistent design theme. >> those colors coordinate with the port of oakland. any lane closures would happen between 10:00 and 5:00. >> the inconvenience is going to be negligible. >> the last highway 80 gas station before you across the bay bridge into san francisco. we ask commuters if the need was there and the expense justified. >> we really give oakland a signature. i think that's all the rest of the because we -- terrific bec
was too burn lee girlie. >>> california's booming solar energy market is coming at a coast to homes and businesses. power company said they're required to buy electricity at the same price they resale it to the other customers. utilities estimate the loss at $1.3 million. >>> christmas is just over a week away. results of a new survey show 79% of bay area consumers are not done checks off their lists. apparently 16% haven't started shopping. we spoke to some last minute shoppers in union square. >> sometimes you're short of time in a given day. times it's ideas of what to get. >> we're busy. there's a lot to do right now, a lot of parties. we procrastinate. >> the survey says last minute shoppers is will spend and afternoon of $304. >>> if you spent any part of the day at the post office, you're not alone. today is the single busiest shipping day of the season. the postal service remind us that people can mail items at any times of day at some post offices. >>> volunteers started distributing holiday meals today. sacred heart will be handing out grocery bags to families through wedn
tp-rs the california department of parks and recreation. the controllers office found managers broke rules to pay more than 200 employees more than half a million dollars in extra pay over three years. the report is the latest blow to that department. last summer employees were found to keep $50,000 hidden in that special fund for more than a decade even as dozens of parks went without safety. >>> as anne rubin tells us they discovered a sense of unity. >> reporter: there were songs and speeches but really this candlelight vigil was about sending a message of support from one elementary school to another. >> i felt sorry for the kids who died and the teachers. >> reporter: so the idea for the vigil was born. parents and students coming together to honor and raise money for the victims of sandy hook. >> i feel proud for supporting their families, for the kids and teachers that died. >> reporter: organizers say they were careful about the tone for the event. that with children present it shouldn't be about fear. >> we take notice of the people on the right and left of us whether we kn
detour on a phoenix, california highway. >>> plus the ethnic celebration that's just getting started. >> plus the rain gets a reprieve. how long will it last? you're forecast for tomorrow and the rest of the week. and if you're on the go you can still watch ktvu news on you're smartphone, ipad. just get the app at ktvu.com. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. >>> anyone planning a seenic drive on highway 1 be advised. the road remains closed tonight because of the falling rocks. it will liking take several more days before repairs are completed. if you are taking a seenic drive, b
samaritan. >> union busting is disgusting. >> reporter: the california nurses association represents about 54,000 nurses at the nine hospitals, this is their eighth strike since negotiations began more than a year and a half ago. >> we have not talked about any raises. we just want to keep our contract as it is. >> reporter: key issues include health benefit, sick pay and staffing levels. >> take aways represent a major portion of what we have worked for over the last six years of collective bargaining. >>> the hospital has made multiple proposals regarding pensions, health insurance for nurses, the length of shift and patient safety and all of the hospitals proposals have been rejected. >>> a spokesperson for alta base says the union has unfairly characterized the proposals and say, we simply cannot push the current contract on our patients. the strike ends at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow and that is what east bay nurses will be back on the job. but because of a difference in how long replacement nurses will work in san jose, hda nurses come back on saturday. reporting live, cara lui, ktvu channel
california where white means green. coloring up a booming business. >>> the rain showers will be on the increase this evening. an updated look at live storm tracker 2. the one part of your weekend that will be dry. and when a high surf advisory kicks in across the bay area >>> time to check in with mark. >> the storm tracker, nothing extreme just yet. a weak system. a few showers, right now, you can not see, the coverage, i will mention if you see the green not everybody picking it up. not all of it reaching the ground just yet. here it is. sweeping. the bulk of the action is to the south and to the west. we will see the activity moving across the bay. across the bridge. nothing major here. just in the form of a few sprinkles across the bay bridge and up in the north bay, once again, not everybody reaching -- not all of the green hitting groan. rain showers out there. and in the north bay, lake county, there you can pick out white. that is snow. reports of snow up at the mountain earlier this afternoon into the evening hours. first thing tomorrow morning scattered showers
california's request to waive no child left behind requirements. that law requires schools must raise student test scores in english and math by 2014. the state superintendent of public education says the requirements are unworkable, and unrealistic. he says federal officials told him last week, they're ready to deny california's waiver. without a waiver low income schools are more likely to be taken over by the state, and may lose federal funding. >>> russia's president is expected to sign into law a bill that bans american families from adopting russian orphans. the dire reality for those who don't find a home. >> reporter: a determined set of eyes. >> i just love clothes. >> reporter: a patient hand. 18-year-old julie rally has a dream. in her life sketch, she is a fashion designer. >> a thing about going to konyata college. they have a wonderful two year program for fashion. >> reporter: in 2001, julia was an orphan in russia. >> she was so small at that time, i could carry her through the airport myself on my hip. >> people in the orphanage would get kicked out at 15 and 16, and you're b
classic, a '69 mustang. but bode of l.a., california, is a hot rod specialist and customi customizer, took a beater, a junker and revitalized it. he likes to combine the classic history of cars and update them with some new technology. what makes this build a little bit different is he took an engine that most mustang enthusiasts don't even know exists. it's an original engine from a mario andretti race car back in the '60s. only a few of them were ever built. 777 horsepower. shoved it into this mustang. made it look like one of the old classic drag race cars. the whole build is part of a documentary called, the real thing. for mustang enthusiasts out there, they built a chassis for this mustang. all have what's called a unibody. the chassis and the body are built together as one. not as strong. bode took and built a brand new chass chassis, peeled the body off of the mustang to give it the strength to handle that engine. he took this to e auto show in las vegas. mario recognized the engine saw it and remembered i remember this from my old race car. thought it was so cool, he signed it. >>
moody of the police department in california was cleared of the fatal shooting. but the family of the victim say they want murder charges. i'm about to show you a video and i must warn you, it is quite dramatic and very graphic. >> hands up. hands up. don't you move. i will shoot you. hands up now. on the ground on your back now. >> no! >> what you just saw was officer moody shoot ernesto 11 times. four of those times he was olt ground. the woman you saw coming out screaming was his wife whitney. the reason they were after him, they say he was wanted for an alleged domestic violence situation from earlier in the day. he is a parolee. the san joaquin county's d.a.'s office said officer moody was justified. he said he thought the victim had a throwing knife. a throwing knife was found in the back of the truck. investigators say when they looked at the video, it did appear that the victim had a knife at the beginning of the footage. >> when the guy got out of the truck, though, was he coming at the officer or was he saying, okay, hands up. i give up. >> it's interesting you say th
,000 undocumented immigrants have been de ported from california and seven out of ten of those had no convictions or had been accused of only minor offenses such as traffic tickets. >> it's about a humane immigration policy that says we know that families are important, and it's part of the family is allowed to stay, the entire family should be allowed to stay. >> appealed the deportation order with us and they are waiting a reply. live in san francisco, janet, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> back now to the south bay where we stay on top of breaking news there. a campus lockdown has affected essentially one building now at san jose city college focussing on the tech building. we were telling you what police officers are doing inside to make sure students there o are safe. also there's a freeze warning tonight in parts of the bay area. our chief meetologist bill martin which neighborhoods will feel the coldest tonight and how much colder it may be tomorrow oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there
.99 >>> a southern california family really likes christmas trees this season they managed to put 103 of them inside their house. mom and chief decorator allyson seaward says her love came from the enjoinment of pine forests. allyson's calls the january ritual of taking all of these sad but cleansing. >> i wonder where they store all of those in the offseason. >>> big day for basketball and basketball fans. >> should nba players be at home with the family or making some money? well the npa scheduled five big time match ups for christmas. warriors were not part of today's line up. they should be just about getting to their hotel in utah right now to play the jazz tomorrow night. in fact, golden seat hasn't played since saturday when they lost in overtime to the lakers at home. warriors are 7-1 following the loss. this time off during the holidays means more rest and so much more. >> this is just a game, you want to cherish those moments. it's a long season, it's a very demanding one and it's great when we can take a deep breath. relax and enjoy the things that are really important in life. >>> well
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